Discover Milos

Milos Island was already known from ancient times. Greek Mythology has it as the island of goddess Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty. Located in the central Aegean Sea, it is part of Cyclades. Its volcanic identity has shaped it to be quite unique and extraordinary. For this reason, you will be able to enjoy spectacular beaches, always different to one another. Either you are family, friends or couples, Milos is an ideal destination for all! A divine paradise from endless beauties that will steal your heart!

The Beaches

Once you set eyes upon Milos, you will immediately notice the unique scenery all around you. Apart from the shore’s beauty, the crystal-clear waters will amaze you. Volcanic rocks, caves, emerald colors are just some of its beaches’ features.  You can’t miss Sarakiniko and Kleftiko, two of the famous beaches, worldwide. Tsigkrado, Firiplaka, Fyropotamos, Paliochori, Alogomandra, Papafragkas and many more countless beaches to visit and swim. Just rent a moto and drive your way around this beautiful island!

The Catacombs

The oldest and most important monument of Christianity is located in Milos. The Early Christian Catacombs are located in Tripiti, three in total, they form an intricate system of caves, dated back to the 1st century. The perfect way to learn more about the fascinating history of ancient Greece!

The Old Sulphur Mine

In Milos island, you will have the opportunity to discover the oldest sulfur export business throughout Greece. The Old Sulphur Mine, along with its arcades and impressive iron bridges are located in the eastern part of Milos in a yellowish, from sulfur, beach. Creepy sight of the ruins from the abandoned factory and the machines, that is worth your ride!


For those who love to learn a place through its history and culture, Milos has 5 museums to visit. The Archaeological, the Ecclesiastical, the Folkloric/Historical, the Maritime and the Mining. Each one of them has a different side of Milos to reveal. The sure thing is that you will enjoy your time there!

Hot Springs

Emerged from the volcanic activity, Milos’ hot springs can offer you a splendid experience while providing yourself with their healing and therapeutic powers. Allow yourself to relax from the hot water!

Mediterranean Cuisine

Wherever you choose to dine in the island, there is no doubt that you will have the chance to taste unique dishes. The local cuisine of Milos is delicious and is inextricably linked to its environment, as well as the culture of the island. Do not miss mini cheese pies “pitarakia”, water melon pie, spoon sweet “koufeto”, fresh fish, local cheese, tomato paste and many more traditional delicacies!

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